"Our Fight"

"We The Women" On the Front Line

"I'm Black & I'm Proud" (BPP)

"Our Sons"

"The Purple One" - Prince

"My Trumpet"

"Matriarch" Aunt Dottie

"I Do" - Portrait

"Daddy's Girl - Hathaway"

"Martin" Visionary

"Philosophies & Dreams"

"A Peaceful Place"

"Malcolm X" (Master Mind)

"My Bass"


"The Masters"

Une Fluer II "In Bloom"

"Legends of Boxing"


"S.H.E" - Portrait

"The Redskins Salute"

"Mr. Summers" - Portrait

"A Trane to Donny"

"Maya Angelou"

"The Good Shepherd" Portrait

Hebrews 11:1 "Faith"

"Pastor Bill Thomas" - Portrait

"A Love Story" Eric & Shawn

"Heavenly Sound" - Valerie Portrait

"Lady Delta"

"Symbol of Life"

"Ms. Pinkney" Portrait

"Interpretation of a Lily"

"Shades of Blue"

"Mr. & Mrs. Wicker" Portrait

"Daddy's Angel" - Portrait

In This Moment II

Self Portrait "Art of a Gemini"

"Chozen Disciple"


"Eric" Portrait

"Lil' Black Dress"

"Dad" Portrait

"No Limit" OBM Mime Portrait

"Perfect Atmosphere" - SOLD

"Une Fleur" (A Flower)

"Ye Yo" Nurturer

"Inner Thoughts"

"Creation" -The Seed

"My Soul Sings" - SOLD

"Solitaire" (Stephanie) Portrait

"Pops Groove"

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